Turning Back Time

by Keib

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Single from the upcoming full-length album, "Scrapbook"


Where did you go when I blinked?
Time flew while I was sleeping
I never dreamt I’d miss it much

These days divide us further
These years grow us older
Do you remember what you lost?

Like ice and snow
Beautiful but cold
Can you see
It’s frozen me?

Turn back the time
And bring me home
Out of the cold
Into your arms

I always hated goodbyes
Can't stand to let it go
You know I always missed you most

Float through the years
Cry bitter tears
Yearn for past gone
Can't get over

Turn back the time
And bring me home
Out of the cold
Into your arms


released May 10, 2014
Engineered by: Bobby Green, Brad Vanderhoef & Russell Somer
Produced by: Bobby Green & Brad Vanderhoef (DJ Spades)

Vocals: Ryan Quinn
Guitars: Russell Somer (RudaMaya)
Keyboards: Bobby Green
Bass: Will Grandin
Drums: Emmett Rozelle (Squid Parade)

Artwork by Andrew Campbell

Music & Lyrics by Bobby Green




Keib Oneonta, New York

Keib is the main musical project of keyboardist/songwriter/producer Bobby Green. His debut full-length album, Scrapbook, offers a unique blend of progressive and alternative rock, along with atmospheric electronics.

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